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Timing Damascus AUS-10 Steel knife

Code Timing厨师刀系列 Series Single or batch
Spec Be common Material Acid-proof steel

AUS-10 Steel Blade material is AUS-10 steel imported from Aichi Steel Plant in Japan and processed in the most advanced factory in Yangjiang, China. The kitchen cutter is made of 67 layers of Damascus steel with a core of Japanese AUS-10 steel. AUS-10 steel is resistant to corrosion, rust and toughness. After vacuum cryogenic heat treatment, the hardness can reach 62HRC.

[High quality North American Black Walnut] The ergonomic handle design will create a comfortable grip and provide optimal flexibility for cutting a variety of foods. Our choice of natural North American black walnut wood is clear and beautiful, not easy to deform and break, and white synthetic bovine bone patches make the handle perfectly fit your hands, making cutting easier and safer.

[Perfect Sharp blade] Using traditional wet manual cutting technology, V-shaped sharpening technology, each side of the cutting Angle of 15 degrees, so that the blade to obtain durable edge retention, durable. Even frequent daily use can maintain sharp sharpness, can maintain sharp edges for a long time.

Out of the box: Our craftsmen use the most rigorous operating procedures to carefully craft each knife within a 45-day manufacturing cycle. It is rigorously tested to ensure the weight balance of kitchen knives, thus achieving the perfect match of control and durability. The circular design of the back of the knife reduces the pressure on the fingers and will not feel tired even if used for a long time.

【TIMING brand 】 Kitchen knife is the ideal choice for professional chefs and cooking lovers, beginners. Comes with a beautiful gift box, perfect for holiday gifts or everyday use. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, please contact our customer service and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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