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Timing Chef's knife A02

Code Timing厨师刀系列 Series Single or batch
Spec Be common Material Acid-proof steel

High quality steel: Made of 67 layers of carbon Damascus steel,10 carat core, hardness up to 62 hours of iron core, also has corrosion resistance, rust resistance and toughness.

Ergonomic Handle design :Timing Ergonomic handle design will create a comfortable grip and provide optimal level, easy slicing. Natural rosewood, original textures and natural colors will make the knives more comfortable and beautiful.

Sharp Sharp: With a 10Cr core, the blade is very strong and stable. Sharp edges can be used regularly for several months. With excellent sharpness, it can easily chop meat and vegetables.

Spirit of craftsmanship: The best materials and rigorous finishing, our craftsmen play an important part in polishing, grinding and edging. Make it a masterpiece.

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