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Timing Chef's knife A01

Code Timing厨师刀系列 Series Single or batch
Spec Be common Material Acid-proof steel

Perfect Balance: The blade—handle connection is perfectly balanced, ensuring stability while cutting and preventing fatigue during extended use. Ideal for both professional and home cooks, it will also be a favorite chefs knife in your knife set.

Quality Chef's Knives: The main material of the knife is X70Cr17MoV. This is a high-end high carbon high chromium molybdenum vanadium stainless steel. Make this knife in hardness, sharpness, rust resistance, toughness have a very good performance.

A Knife From The Sharp Knife Set: The knife's edge angle is 15 degrees, making it very sharp, and you can effortlessly cut vegetables, fruits, meat, or other foods into any shape you want.

Knives Set For Kitchen: Steel usually has a carbon content of no more than 1%, and this sharp knife has a carbon content of 0.7%. This means it is very stiff and can hold sharp edges for a long time, reducing the need for frequent knife sharpening.

Anti-rust Knifes: Cutting knife has 17% chromium content. The high chromium component forms a protective layer on the surface of the blade to prevent it from oxidizing with acidic substances in the food, thus greatly enhancing the rust resistance.

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